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Regional Ambassador

Job Type

Regional Leadership Team

Role Responsibilities

One Regional Ambassador shall be elected per region, as defined in the Article III Section 3 of the
NAESC, Inc. Constitution. Regional Ambassadors shall be the unifying force between all groups of
NAESC. Specifically, they have the following responsibilities:

a. To serve as the liaison for the Regional Coordinators by meeting with them monthly
to ensure that:

i. The coordinators are receiving adequate direction from their supervising
Vice President, else the Regional Ambassador will report the lack of
adequate direction immediately to the President
ii. The coordinators are performing at an acceptable level, else, the Regional
Ambassador will be responsible for reassigning action items of that

b. To ensure that a conference occurs in the region they represent.
c. To serve as a liaison between member councils by facilitating knowledge sharing
between them in the form of bimonthly presidents’ meetings, council chats, emails,
d. To serve as a liaison for the region by representing that region’s interests to the
Executive Leadership Team.
e. To serve as a liaison to the Vice President of Finance by assisting with dues
collection when needed.
f. To serve as a liaison for the Executive Leadership Team by assisting with talent
**Please note, these may be changing depending on discussion/voting at the Voters Delegation Meeting. Please email your regional ambassador or with questions. **

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