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A NAESC membership is a unique way for colleges to offer benefits to its engineering students. NAESC is a great opportunity for students to receive personal and professional development, for universities to receive national recognition and stronger Engineering Student Councils, and for companies to market to our members. As a due paying university, your most important benefit is the opportunity to attend any number of our yearly conferences. These conferences allow students to learn management/leadership techniques, study council development strategies, practice professional soft skills, participate in networking with students from around the country, and experience the culture and geography of the conference host. Membership also gives schools the ability to find other Engineering Student Councils for idea/document sharing and productive discussions throughout the year. Additionally, a NAESC membership allows that university’s students the ability to run for regional and national positions. With student success in mind, this is a great opportunity for students to make a national impact. The benefits of NAESC membership will continue to increase. As a growing organization, we are developing more ways to benefit our members. We will keep you updated with our new initiatives to ensure that you get the most out of your membership. We are planning exciting things, so do not miss out and join NAESC today.


If you would like to talk to a NAESC Executive Leadership Team member about becoming a member school feel free to contact our Vice President of Recruitment at

For more information on why NAESC is a good fit, please check out our home page.




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