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NAESC Scholarship Information

Scholarship recipients for the 2020-2021 academic year have been selected!

The Brandon Brunner Engineering Leadership Scholarship is designed to promote the philosophy that passion, vision, and execution can lead to success in engineering. 


We are excited to award scholarships to Anthony Mistichelli from Virginia Tech and Jonathan Perlman from the University of Pittsburgh for their outstanding demonstration of these key tenants. Anthony Mistichelli's passion for the F-117A stealth aircraft led to an internship with Air Traffic Control and a Fellowship with the National Science Foundation. Anthony has been promoting a vision of alumni engagement before even starting at Virginia Tech, eventually leading to an event with the EVP of Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. He takes a holistic approach to execution, instead of taking the first solution that comes to mind, leading to internships at Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense. Jonathan Perlman demonstrated passion by volunteering to develop creative confidence in STEM for elementary school children. Jonathan co-founded a student organization because he saw an opportunity to improve college-to-career transition.  The long-term vision for this organization is to plan a career fair in cooperation with Pitt's Engineering Student Council (ESC). Finally, Jonathan executed on a project that required vendor negotiation. We are proud of the impact these two have made so far, and look forward to a continued demonstration of passion, vision, and execution, as they continue throughout their career.

If you have any questions about the Brandon Brunner Engineering Leadership Scholarship, please email

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Anthony Mistichelli


Jonathan Perlman

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