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Lead the historic North Atlantic!

Serve Your Region. Your Community. Your School.

The Future of NAESC relies on you! Below are descriptions of each available position on NAESC's Regional Leadership Team in the North Atlantic Region!

Voting takes place during ELS. Applications are due on March 20th in order to ensure that you are signed up for the ELS Conference. If you have any questions, please reach out to

The North Atlantic Regional Ambassador

The Regional Ambassador holds, but not limited to, the following responsibility: 

  • Stay abreast of all RLT business and keep the board acting in accordance.

  • Coordinate the responsibilities, duties and activates of their respective RLT. 

  • Represent the best interests of their regions at the national level.

  • Recruit voting member councils for their regions.

  • Assist in the formation of councils at ABET accredited engineering schools. 

  • Create and dissolve ad-hoc committees as needed to organize activities.

  • Act as the official spokesperson of their respective NAESC Region 

  • Inform member councils in their regions of activities of the ELT. 

  • Act as a liaison between the ELT and their regions for better understanding of each other's operations.

Communications Coordinator

The region's communication coordinator holds, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities: 

  • Initiate, maintain, and improve the relations between their NAESC region and other professional organizations related to engineering and science.

  • Investigate opportunities for outside support of their NAESC region. 

  • Coordinate all publishing of the Midwest Region and serve as the editor of their Region's Newsletter.

  • Maintain Communication with all Regional Communication Coordinators, VP of Technology, and VP of Communications. 

Information Management Coordinator

The region's information coordinator holds, but is not limited to the following responsibilities: 

  • Provide a communication link between their NAESC region's officers.

  • Record the proceedings of all official business meetings, except for regional meetings, and distribute them to the RLT. 

  • Communicate and provide information to the Executive Vice President necessary to establish, maintain, and administer email distribution lists. 

  • Post and maintain the membership information of their NAESC region with their respective Communications Coordinator. 

  • Provide for the establishment, procurement, and maintenance of internet and electronic services (including email and website) in order to facilitate the activity and administrative needs of their region.

Recruitment Coordinator

The region's recruitment coordinator holds, but is not limited to the following responsibilities: 

  • Create and maintain current their NAESC region's membership.

  • Promote their region to all accredited engineering schools in the region.

  • Assist in the development of engineering student councils at all accredited engineering schools in their region. 

  • Confirm their region's member council addresses each year and inform NAESC for their records.

Relations Coordinator

The region's relations coordinator holds, but is not limited to the following responsibilities: 

  • Solicit professional organizations and corporations for financial sponsorship of their region.

  • Assist conference coordinators as necessary as they seek industry support for conferences.

  • Create a comprehensive list of all sponsors in their regions during the fiscal year.  

Conference Coordinator

The region's conference coordinator holds, but is not limited to the following responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate their NAESC Region's conference. The home council of the Conference Coordinator shall be the regional conference coordinator. 

  • Work in conjunction with the rest of their regional leadership team in order to plan content and develop ideas for the Regional Conference.

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